Monday, June 9, 2008

No more lunch mates!!

Why no more lunch mates? Well well, usually I go out lunch with these ppl, sometimes others will join us or we go join others but most of the time with these group of ppl. So what happened to these ppl?

Colleague 1
The very next day after the gov had announced the increase of the petrol price, he started to bring lunch box to work. Yes, the very next day! Well, I don't really know how this petrol thing affect him that much becos he don't drive to work and he's not taking public transportation. He tumpang the other colleague's car to work. Maybe he already bored with the food around our office? (err, he's only here for about 2 weeks!!)

Colleague 2
Anyway, there's another new colleague that just joined my comp, she doesn't eat breakfast or lunch. Ya, super GAL!!! no breakfast and no lunch, only dinner!! geng!! She must have save a lot by skipping these meals. hehe.. I really very 'pui fok' her.. can skip both breakfast and lunch!!

Colleague 3
he's leaving soon, to another comp..

so after he left, i got no more lunch mates... sad sad... I guess i will start bringing lunch box to work also.. or.. i will learn from colleague 2, then i can keep fit and save money. wuahahahahaha.. Erm, most probably, 99% i'll stick to lunch box lar!! :p


Anonymous said...

u also bring ur own lunch box last time. never join them :P ... u cook ur own food, eat left over breads, and i dun think u can tahan wif out lunch :P :P :P

Joyce said...

haha, i think i know who you are. for god sake, put down ur name lar.. dare to leave comment but dare not let me know who are you? :p

ya, guess will start my lunch box.. if only i got time to cook....