Monday, June 9, 2008

When is the last time you wash your own car?

It has been, well, I can't even remember when is the last time I washed my own car.. hehe... one thing not good about living in condo is that, it's very inconvenient if you need to wash your car. Some condo provide place for you to wash but some doesn't. Of cos you can still wash your car if they don't provide you, bring ur own water down to the car park and wash lar.. so troublesome!!

Normally I will bring my car out for ppl to wash and I only got to wash my car when I go back to hometown + i'm free when i'm back. So it's really had been a long long long time since I last wash my car.

My place here, got a spot for ppl to wash car. I'm pretty sure that's not a facility provide to us, it's just that that spot happened to have a water pipe, so everyone goes there to wash their car. I've been staying here for 1 yr ++ but I nv wash my car there before. Since today weather is good, no sun, windy, and my car is dirty, i decided to go wash it.

It's kind of good to wash the car myself, at least you know is there any new scratches and you get to really clean it, outside and inside, add water, add battery water and etc. So now my car is as clean as brand new. hehe..See a shiny shiny clean clean old car out there, BEWARE! Cos that MIGHT be my car. wuahahahaha...

So when is the last time you wash your own car?

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