Friday, June 13, 2008

You are NOT allowed to buy Smart Tag if you don't buy touch n go!!

I always wanted to get myself a Smart Tag cos I need to pass the toll everyday but trust me, it's really not easy to get. I remembered there's one time I travel from KL to Kedah, I stopped at each and every toll tried to buy a Smart Tag but each and every one also no stock!! got money also hard to buy!!

I finally gave up searching for Smart Tag since then until last week. The toll that I passed everyday suddenly reduced a cash lane and increased a smart tag lane. Can you imagine? It really affect the cash and the touch n go lane. Why? Well, when cash too jam, ppl will go buy touch n go lor, so affect those original touch n go user like me!! Super super jam every morning and every evening!!

Smart Tag, RM 90

That is why I finally go get this after 2 weeks stuck in the jam every morning!! FL helped me to buy this when he was at Subang. He told me he doesn't understand why they got such rule, what rule?

We are NOT allowed to buy the smart tag alone, we HAVE to buy the touch n go as well. So what happened if we already got touch n go? You HAVE TO reload at least RM 50, else you are not allowed to buy!! Can we pay credit card? Yes, only when you reload RM 100 on your touch n go then only you can pay by credit card!! What kind of rule is that? FL was so geram when he told me he was forced to reload RM 50 on his touch n go just because he wants to buy this smart tag. wuahahahaha.. really, how come they got such rule?


Baby said...

bad rule

Chee Hoe said...

I had the same problem when I bought my SmartTag. No choice but to get a new Touch'N Go card.

Joyce said...

hmm, i'm starting to that that perhaps this is their tactic to get more sales on touch n go?

Dragon said...

malaysia always have stupid rules. fed up!

cbenc12 said...

wah the 'smart tag' really pah-pah-pai-pai..