Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting old .. am I?

I heard from someone that when you start to eat bitter gourd, then you're getting old. Haha, is it? Well, most of the old people likes to eat bitter gourd but that doesn't mean eating bitter gourd makes you old right?

Then someone told me, if you started to eat things that you don't eat previously, then it's a sign that you are getting old. Well, i don't like to eat tofu, but now i started to like it, i don't eat bitter gourd but i'm eating now, i don't like milk powder but now i'm drinking it! so does that mean i'm getting old?

well, i don't think so.. i'm still young! hehe.. i'm just more health concious.. :p


Valen said...

It's part of aging process, haha! Because the same happened to me. Didn't like bitter gourd, steamed egg, tofu and white bread, now eat a lot. Didn't like coffee, now drink a lot. :D

Anonymous said...

you don't look old...from the picture here la...unless this is taken 10 years back

Joyce said...

ya, me too me too! ~sigh.. getting old..

hehe i said i'm getting old mar, i didn't say i look old mar right? :p
but then again, that pic was taken about 3 yrs ago.. so a lot of things can happened within that 3 years..

Dragon said...

i totally agree with u!!! we are not old la... just we take care of our health only.

Joyce said...

yay.. give me 5!!