Saturday, June 28, 2008

Want more sales? Don't hire part timers!!

When I was still studying in college, I found myself a part time job. Not as a waitress serving food, not promoters selling clothes, so what's my job like? I worked part time at a terracotta tile shop, yes, selling tiles. Do I know anything about tiles? NO, i have zero knowledge on tiles, why they hire me? well, i don't know....

I only work once a week there, they did not really brief me on the tiles, basically they just ask me to look after the shop. I remembered it was a really nice shop, i think they aimed for high end customers, nicely decorated and looks high class too.

Well, at first i thought it was a pretty easy job, not much ppl go shop for tiles one mar right? but i was wrong!! There's actually ppl shopping for tiles, and they asked all kinds of questions (how to install these tiles, izzit suitable for outdoor, how many roof tiles i need for my roof and etc) which i don't know how to answer, and mostly these customers are rich, ya, only rich ppl can afford these kind of expensive tiles. When the customers asked me until i 'hao nga nga', i felt so embarrassed.

If you walk into the shop, the sales person don't know anything, will you buy from them? no right? well, don't blame me, i was paid RM 4.50 per hour, i got nobody to ask, no brochures to read, the only thing i know is the price of the tiles. I guess if they willing to spend a bit more to hire a full timer, i believed they will get more sales.

So if you want more sales? no part timers....especially when your product is not something everyone familiar..

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