Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Petrol 1 litre RM 3.80?????

Just watched the news from Astro, in August, petrol might go up from RM 1.92 to RM 3.80!!!! Almost increase RM 2!!! Wow, can you imagine if the petrol really increase that much, how our lifes will be affected???

The last increase was RM 0.30 and I had to pay extra RM 10 for a full tank. So if it increased till Rm 3.80, let's see...wow.. RM 60 more!! Oh My GOD!!!! My small little car's full tank will costs RM 120!!! One week i pump once that means 1 month I need to pay RM 480 for petrol, that doesn't include if I balik kampung!!!!

Wow, not only that, when petrol increase, every other things increased too!! I really cannot imagine.. I guess I will need to change to BM already.. no no, don't get me wrong, not BMW lar, it's BMX ~ the bicycle!!!


3POINT8 said...

AS of now, the gov is subsidising petrol price in msia

Imagine 1 day when they decide enough is enough. Citizens are taking them for a fool and they decide not to subsidize anymore...
My guess is msia = Havok!

Joyce said...

yup, that's what i heard, in august gov MIGHT not want to subsidize anymore..


Dragon said...

my god!!! sure or not? i pump 40 litres all the time and costs me RM76.80. if it's RM3.80 per litre, it will be RM152!!!! mama mia!!!!

Joyce said...

they had annouced, rm 2.7 per litre.. but i heard august will change to floating price? dono how true is that.. if floating means it will be higher than rm 3.80!!