Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey, please park at your own place!!

I hate ppl simply park at other ppl's parking lots. I hate even more when these ppl had their own parking place, it's just that their place is far from the lift, so they parked at other ppl's place. This morning when I was about to go to work, I saw this car. She stopped at the car park for a while, look here look there and then parked at the car park behind me. she knows the owner went to work and won't be back so fast so she parked there.

In fact, i've seen her parking at different places. Sometimes here, sometimes there, all at other ppl's place. At first I thought she probably doesn't own a car park but then I realized this car actually own a car park at the lower level! Why can't she just park at her own place? So damn selfish, what if the owner came back from work early and found that his place were being taken by some unknown cars??

If you have your own place, just park at your own place lar, even if you don't have a place in the car park, you shouldn't just simply park at other ppl's place mar, so unfair. I just hate these kind of unconsiderable and selfish ppl!!


Dragon said...

someone park at my lot last time i wrote a note on it. since then, never come to park anymore. kekeke.

maybe u can write and paste on that car! hahaha.

Joyce said...

she's not parking at my place, if she is, i will go to the guard house there and ask them to lock up her wheels. wuahahahhaha...