Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Any cny decoration stuff for you?

FL read from the newspaper that somewhere at kepong are selling cny decoration stuff. He wanted to buy something to decorate the house, as for me, I'm not really into these decoration stuff, lazy to remove lar after cny. hehe.

Fun n Cheer Sdn Bhd (中国风)
a warehouse that sells all kinds of cny decoration stuff

we spent about 2 hours there. how come so long? We bought some simple decoration stuff, then suddenly i saw one uncle holding one lantern (tanglung), i like it so much. The uncle was holding one, and he was asking the staff there whether they can find another one for him or not. The staff told him that the one he's holding was the last one. I was quite disappointed when i heard that, but since no more stock, no choice lar. Who knows, a while later, I found another lantern at a box beside where i'm standing. I was so happy. When the uncle saw me holding, he came over to ask me whether i want the lantern or not. I said yes, hahaha, got ppl rebut the lantern suddenly become so precious. :p

I was holding one, he was holding one. I don't want to let go, he also doesn't want to let go. wuahahahah so funny. His whole family eyes kept following us, haha want to see when I dropped the lantern. I decided to buy it, even though there's only 1. And guess what, the uncle bought another pair of tanglung, and also that 1 tanglung. I wonder how he's going to hang that 3 tanglung.. wuahahahahahaha...

Cny stuff can be really expensive, we didn't buy a lot but it costs us RM70++!!! here's what we bought.

5 items for RM70++..
a bit regret bought that pair of gold gold thing.
doesn't looks very nice lar...
love the tanglung, who said have to hang a pair?
hang one also ok wat.. wuahahahahahaha..
have you bought any for your house?
or you've already started decorating your house?


Hester said...

i don't have decoration for my house...as i lazy want to take it off after cny ^_^

Ciyou said...

where is the lattern u n the men rebut for, have a bigger picture of it. See if its that nice.

I saw one very nice lattern in Petaling Street, didn't buy because my house ppl sure buy in Penang

My KL house have a CNY deco in front of the door, for 2 years liao didn't even remove it. Hahaha

Joyce said...

hang a few still ok lar, if too many i also lazy.. hehe..

lantern ar..nor it's in the picture mar.. wait i hang it up first then i take the pic again to let u see lar.. hehe..