Monday, January 14, 2008

The MBK Shopping Mall

The MBK Shopping Mall at Bangkok is a very famous shopping center among tourists. You can really get a lot of cheap stuff here, food, clothes and etc. To me, it is quite similar to the Sungai Wang, so if you like sungai wang, you will like MBK.

I think there are two things that are very cheap in MBK (you probably can't get it else where). One is their POLO t-shirts. There are a lot a lot of POLO t-shirts in MBK and you can't seems to get it elsewhere. Didn't see it in Chatuchak, or Suan Lum. Hmm, I wonder why. And the other thing is? Jerseys!! Of cos.. all pirated one lar.. pirated with the Grade A quality. Hahahahahahahaha....

We left the hotel to go to the MBK immediately after we put the things we bought at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in our room. Don't want to waste time mar. hehe.. With our one day pass ticket, we took the BTS from Asok to Siam (about 4 stations). When you reached Siam, you need to change to another train (just walk to the opposite) to get to the National Stadium (MBK).

Not sure why need to change train.
Why can't they have a direct train to National Stadium?

The MBK Shopping Mall,
picture taken when we were waiting for the
train to National Stadium.

It was 5pm++ when we reached MBK. We did not eat anything besides our buffet breakfast at the hotel (at 9am+) and the mango salad (at Chatuchak). Therefore we decided to go find the food court and have our dinner. We went to the 6th floor food court (cheaper food court) and FL ordered a lot of dishes (Tom yam kung, kang kung, egg and meat with sotong and prawns). Ya, he was very hungry that is why he ordered that much. Besides all the food, we also had the famous mango sticky rice there. YUMMY!! Everyone was looking at our table, 2 ppl with THAT MUCH food!! hahahahahaa, very very full!

So after our full full dinner, we began our shopping journey.. hehe.. shop shop and shop and shop and shop... 4 hours later, we headed back to our hotel.

here's what we bought? so little only?
little? 10++ shirts inside these plastic bags ler..

and this!! did i mention luggage
are really cheap in Bangkok?
Bought this Samsonite luggage for 1900 Bath (RM 190)!!

Wahseh, really tired. Felt like my legs were no longer mine. 10 hours of shopping, not include walking to the train stations some more!! What a day!! :)

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