Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh no!! Dog!!!

My neighbor got a pet dog. I never see the dog before but FL told me it's a very cute dog. I bumped into my neighbor just now when i came back from work. He also just got back from work. His door was open, and when I was about to open my door, the dog ran out and jump to me.

You know what, i'm a person that very afraid of dogs. How come? Well, probably it's becos of wat happened when i was still in secondary school. I cycle to school everyday, and one day got chased by a mad dog. Oh my, that was really scary. Since then, i was sooo afraid of dogs, big dogs, small dogs, puppy..all i afraid. hehe..

anyway, back to the dog.. i almost shout when the dog jump to me. hehe, my neighbor kept telling me, dun be afraid, the dog won't bite, he's just being friendly. i know i know, but i just so scared mar.. :p

anyway, that dog really didn't bite me lar. hehe.. and FL is right, it's a very cute dog, looks like those patung lar.. dogs like this also scared.. ermm, yalor.. wat to do.. ~sigh


wongkuen said...

are you a monkey? if you are, i noticed a lot of people born on the year of the monkey scared of dogs :-)

but i guess, you just got your phobia due to pass childhood issues...

Joyce said...

no leh, i'm not born in the year of monkey. hehe..