Sunday, January 27, 2008

CNY decorations at The Curve

I went to Ikea just now to help my brother to buy something. Ikea/Ikano Power Center doesn't have much CNY decorations. A few red tanglungs and a few orange lanterns(i think that one is consider lantern also gua. not round round lantern, long long one. hehe..), nothing special so i didn't take any pictures.

When I went over to The Curve for my dinner, I saw the CNY decorations there. Wow, quite impressive if compared to Ikea/Ikano. You can really feel CNY there, red red decorations, chinese new year songs... a lot of small red lanterns, the 'mui fa' ..

at the main entrance, nice?

took from the 2nd floor.

The curve's cny decorations is even at the newspaper's front page too (Sin Chew, saw it just now)! Not sure about other shopping mall's cny decorations, but the curve one definitely looks quite nice!

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kljs said...

Nice decoration.