Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chatuchak Weekend Market

We didn't wake up very early on the 2nd day of our Bangkok trip. This is the reason why i like to travel by our own instead of joining a tour. We woke up at about 9am, went downstairs to have our buffet breakfast at the hotel and at about 10:30am, we headed out to the famous Chatuchak weekend market. This is a must visit place when you come to Bangkok!

We only spent about an hour at the Chatuchak weekend market during our last visit, why? We went there on the 2nd last day of our trip and we don't have much money left. After spending an hour there, we used up almost all our money, so no point continue shopping lor right? This time, i must try to shop longer, hopefully can visit all stalls (ya i know it's impossible, that place is just too big!!).

We bought the BTS sky train one day pass, so that we have unlimited access for the whole day. We planned to go to Chatuchak and also the MBK shopping mall, both places can be reached by the sky train. That is why getting the whole day pass is more worth while.

120 Bath (RM 12) per ticket

was surprised to see our proton's
advertisements at each and every station.
they must have spent a lot in these
advertisements.. but i don't think I saw any of
the proton cars on the road.. hehe..

There are about 11 stations from Asok (the station near to our hotel) to Mo Chit (Chatuchak weekend market). There are full of people, mostly travelers like us, all heading to the famous Chatuchak weekend market. At about 11am+, we reached the Mo Chit station.

The weather was quite nice that day, it was hot (a lot of ppl) but not stuffy. I really had a great time shopping there. Unlike Suan Lum shop owners, most of the shop owners at Chatuchak did not asked for a high price, therefore you won't be able to negotiate much. The price they asked are quite reasonable, if you buy more you can negotiate to get a better offer. Normally they prefer foreigners from western countries, so if you happened to be in the same shop with those foreigners, you won't be able to negotiate much. (foreigners from western countries are more generous, we, asian are more calculative, hehe, that is why these owners preferred them lor..)

After two hours shopping, i finally saw the lady that sells the mango salad that i missed so much since i ate it during my last trip. Yes i can still remember after so long because it really taste soooooooooo good! Yummy! After eating the mango salad, we continued to shop for another 3 hours! hahahahaha.. yes, totally 5 hours, we can't really feel our legs already... and i think we still missed out a lot of shops!

We decided to go back to our hotel first, as the things we bought are quite heavy. What did we buy? Wow, a lot a lot, lot's of t-shirts, shoes, sandals, table cloth, tidbits, dried mata kucing and etc!!

Tah-dah.. dun play play ..
really bought a lot of things.. hehe..
We need to save some money for some other place,
else i think we can still shop some more. hehe..

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