Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bangkok! I am COMING!!!

Our flight to bangkok was on Saturday, 5-1-2008. It was a rainy day but it does not affect our mood at all! haha! After a bit of calculation, we decided to drive to LCCT instead of taking a cab. Our last trip to LCCT by cab took us about RM150 (to and fro). FL's colleague told him the parking rate at LCCT for a full day is only RM 35, therefore if we parked there for 3 days, it will still be cheaper than taking a cab. So with our small hand carry bag, hehe, we drive there lor...

on our way to LCCT, about 1pm++

We need to pay RM 8.40 for the toll and it took us about 45 minutes to reach LCCT. The sky was full of dark clouds but we were still very excited about the trip.

When we reached there,
I saw these self checked in machine.
I've read about this from the Air Asia website
and wanted to try it out but too bad,
can only use this for domestic flight.

since we can't used the self checked in kiosk,
we got to queue up lor.. see, super long queue!!

finally after 20 minutes queuing up,
they opened another counter.

It only took us 2 minutes to check in. We didn't have any luggage to be checked in, so we handed him our passports and he printed us the boarding pass and we're done! Oh ya, remember i got a few bottles of liquid stuff? When checked in we asked for the plastic bag, the officer in charge packed all the liquid stuff for us. She checked the bottle one by one to make sure each bottle does not exceed 100ml. The whole plastic bag shall not exceed 1000ml.

The plane arrived punctually and we started to fly before our actual flight time (16:25), perfect!

This picture was taken when
I was in the plane. It's raining lor..

I'm not sure whether it's the rainy day or the rushing here and there causing me super hungry. We will be having our dinner late (have to check in to the hotel and things like that) so we had a nasi lemak and a cup of nescafe on the plane. We arrived Bangkok 20 minutes earlier than the expected arrival time. The pilot speeding gua. hehe.. and we began our Bangkok shopping trip!!

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