Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The BIG news on 1st of Jan

I bet everyone heard about the BIG news that happened on 1st Jan, about a minister admit that he's the person in the sex video. A lot of ppl were very surprised as he look like a nice man. Everyone is talking about this issue, the newspaper, the radio and etc.

This morning when I was on my way to work, I heard radio asking ppl to call in to give comments on this issue. So there's this lady called in and said although this will affect the minister's reputation, but to her is no big deal. Both guys and gals got 'needs' and this thing is normal (which i dun agree lar, got 'needs' means you can simply go out and find other gals meh?) Then after she hung up, a guy called in and said he is not going to forgive this kind of behavior and the minister should resign! haha, funny right, since when gals are more open minded than guys?

I am not a political fan and i don't follow the politic news. hehe. FL kept laughing at me when I said Najib is the education minister. hehe. i know i know, you laugh lar.. :p Anyway, it's quite obvious that someone framed the health minister as according to the newspaper, this video was taken 2 years ago, why only released now? Is it because the election is near? To me, I feel that this is really his personal matter. His family should be the one to decide whether he should be forgiven or not. Really need to force him to resign because of this news meh?

Well, again, I'm not someone who knows well about political stuff, so maybe this kind of news really affect his job and role. What do you think?

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