Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why everyone likes CNY?

Seems like everyone likes cny especially if you are doing business. It is not becos you gonna get ang pow or give ang pow, it is not becos of the food, it is not becos you can meet all your relatives and it is not becos of the holidays. Then becos of what? You wanna know? Let me tell you..

One month before cny, everyone can earn extra money. You go eat at restaurant, they tell you cny is near, they've changed menu, besides menu changed, price also changed. hehe.. of cos they increase price lar.. You go cut hair, they tell you cny they charged slightly more expensive, a normal hair cut that costs RM 15 will go up to RM 20. You go buy things, they tell you cny a lot of ppl buy, they got less stock, so price higher..

So now you know why everyone likes cny? hehe...

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