Thursday, January 17, 2008

You sure you want to apply HSBC card?

When I told my friends I wanted to apply HSBC card few months ago, my friends warned me, are you sure you want to apply? Why? HSBC card got quite a lot of benefits, what's wrong with applying it? Well, according to my friend, there's nothing wrong with the card, but their customer service ppl are really very annoying.. oh ya? oh YES, now i really feel it.

Yesterday morning i received a call from HSBC, i told him I'm not free to talk at the moment, and he said he will call back. Few hours later, I received another call from HSBC, this time calling from a girl. Again, I told her I'm not free to talk and she said she will call back too. Guess what, few hours later, another guy call me again from HSBC.. OMG!!!

This morning when i just reached my office, i received a call. yes, from HSBC again!!! wah-seh.. they are really really really very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don't i just speak to them? Well, although they said it will only take a minute to SHARE the information with me, but normally it takes more than that! When you said you are not interested, they will keep repeating that piece of information, again and again and again and keep asking you why you are not interested!! arggghhhh...pls pls, call other ppl lar, skip my name..skip my nameeeeeeeee.......

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