Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Am BACK!!!

Hi guys! I am BACK! haha, did you guys miss me? I nearly NOT able to come back leh.. What happened? Well, thanks to Air Asia lor.. sigh.. Will tell you guys more details later.. I'm still in the middle of unpacking my stuff, so give me some time, after i arrange the photos, i will post it here and share it with you guys.

By the way if you still have no idea where I went, hehe, I went to Bangkok lar.. hehe.. This is my second trip to Bangkok. So, how's my trip? Hmmm, I can only used these words to express my trip.. amazing, great, tiring and PK!! haha... Don't believe i'm PK? well, remember my small little hand carry bag? We went to Bangkok with this small bag and came back with....

3 bags!! haha!!
dun play play oh.. so now you believe
I'm pk? :p

What did I buy? wow, a lot a lot.. I will post it up later.. all the details! I go continue unpacking first lar.. :)

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