Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bye bye! See you guys 3 days later!

I'm going to fly later this afternoon, fly-ing without wings! hehe... I'll be away for 3 days, errr, no lar, if today not included, i'll only be away for 2 days..going where? Hmm, if you guys did read my blog, you guys should know lar. hehe.. I did mentioned where am i going in my previous posts. Anyway, if you guys don't know where i'm heading to, no worries, i promised i will keep you guys updated when i'm back. Let's just keep it as a secret first. :)

we both will only bring this small little hand carry bag with us. bring so little clothes only? ya ya, if not enough, buy there lar!! wuahahahahahahaha...

hmm, now with the rule cannot bring liquid stuff (for hand carry), i also dono these stuff can bring or not. I think can right, just need to ask for the plastic bag from air asia, each container cannot exceed 100ml and one bag cannot exceed 1 litre.. I wonder why toothpaste also consider liquid stuff.. :p

So... see you guys later!! TaTa!!

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keeyit said...

have fun then :)