Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Arrival @ the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

We arrived the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport at 5:10pm (Bangkok time, Malaysia time 6:10pm), 20 minutes earlier before the actual arrival time. This is my first time landing at this airport, the last visit to Bangkok was still at their old airport. I still remember we flew back to KL from Bangkok on the last day before they close the old airport. hehe.. how lucky.. :p

took this picture while waiting for FL
to check out. it's nice without checked in
luggage, no need to wait!!

It only took us about 20 minutes to check out (they opened a lot of counters) and we did not have any checked in luggage, so we walked straight out to get ourselves a cab. I don't remember which gate we exit, the minute we stepped out, we saw a lot of woman holding a piece of paper walking towards us asking us where are we going and do we need a cab. FL asked them the price to go to our hotel and guess what, they asked for 900 Bath (RM 90)!!! WOW, immediately we walked away. They kept shouting behind us asking us how much we can pay but we just ignored them. We were looking for the public taxi counter.

look for entrance 9, the public taxi counter
is just in front of this entrance 9.

After we walked out, we saw a long queue, and yes that's the queue to get a public cab. I'm pretty sure it will be much more cheaper! Although the queue was long, we didn't need to wait long. They have a very tidy and impressive way in handling taxis.

First, taxi drivers parked their car nicely at the parking space in front of the airport, then they queue up. Yes taxi drivers needs to queue up too. For us, the passenger, we will need to queue up as well, then the person in charge at the counter will asked us where we want to go and write it down on a piece of paper. With that paper we go forward and handed to another person which will then lead us to a taxi driver. Really impressive!!

It only took us 450 Bath (RM 45) to get to our hotel, luckily we did not become water fish! hehe... Lot's of car but not very jam on a Saturday evening. On our way to the hotel, the taxi driver stopped at a petrol station. We normally parked our car beside the kiosk right? to fill up petrol? But in Bangkok, they actually reverse their car. Really strange, how they pump petrol??

see how they pump petrol?
from the back!!! wah seh, first time
i see this leh!! hehe...
no wonder they need to reverse their car lar!

About 45 minutes later, we reached our hotel, The Manhattan Hotel.

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