Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have you seen a toothpaste holder before?

I was looking for the toothpaste holder ever since I bought the toothbrush holder. hehe, I got a small basin so I need these holders to hang the toothbrush and toothpaste on the wall. But i can't seems to find the tooth paste holder anywhere until I saw it in Chatuchak, Bangkok. I was so happy when I saw it and bought it although i felt it's a bit expensive. :p

Toothpaste holder, 120 Bath (RM 12)
we tried very hard to negotiate with the boss
but he only willing to sell it to us at the price of
100 bath if we buy 3 from him. so end up we paid
RM 12 for this lor..

Instructions to teach you how to use.

see, the right side can turn turn turn
and it will squeeze the toothpaste for you.

Some of you might think it's expensive to buy a plastic like this, but I'm really happy I found this. hehe, if you've seen this in here, let me know where to buy it, I wish to get one for my aunt. :)


kljs said...

First time I seen something like that before.....

I wonder how practical the usage is?

Joyce said...

hmm, how practical ar? well, first it saves a lot of space, then secondly it helps you to squeeze your toothpaste so that you won't waste any single drop.. hehe..

Hester said...

I never use those toothpaste which is "stick" on the wall wor. normally is those put on basin leh

Mark said...

Looks like they have it on ebay singapore

Mark said...

And ebay US.