Thursday, January 17, 2008

Buying things for CNY? Beware of FAKE stuff!!

I heard this from the radio few days ago about fake abalone. Someone bought a box of abalone for RM 2k+ and found out it's not abalone, it's actually fish with the shape of abalone. Hmm, think about it, i found that chinese really like to buy abalone during chinese new year. Why ar? izzit because of the taste or because of the price?

A tin of abalone costs RM100+, won't it be better if we used this money to go buy some other food? hehe, ok ok , no offense ya to abalone lovers out there. Maybe because i never tried the REAL abalone before (from ah yat bao yu?) so i don't know the real taste of the abalone. I only tried those tin one, in fact i tried those fake abalone before too. (There's one year one of my relative bought this fake abalone for RM 10++ and asked us to try. I tried, it's like eating rubber. wuahahahaha..)

Anyway, back to the abalone thingy.. if you guys really want to buy abalone, make sure it's real one. how to make sure? err.. i also don' t know. hehe, maybe buy from those stores which got good reputation one, don't buy from those unknown ppl just because they selling it for a cheaper price.

Oh ya, i heard there's also fake 'fatt choy' (the black black vege that looks like hair).. becareful oh..

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