Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Manhattan Hotel, Bangkok

We only remembered to book our hotel rooms a month before we travel. Ya, i know, a bit rush. We don't have much time to do research, therefore we decided to book the hotel that we stayed during our last trip to Bangkok.

There are a few reasons why we chose The Manhattan Hotel at Sukhumvit during our last trip. First, it's within our budget, it's about RM 110 per night per room. Secondly, very convenient in getting public transportations, cab, sky train and etc. Third, very near to the Tops super market and also can easily get food - walking distance.

Since we don't have much time to do research, we decided to stay at the same hotel again, at least we know the area well. We booked at the (ya, i know it has quite a bad reputation but it's the only site that offers the lowest rate!!) and was quite surprised that the hotel rooms had increased the price, from RM110 to RM 150!! Wow.. no choice la.. (if we booked at the hotel website, RM200+ per room!!!) So we booked and called the hotel one week before our travel date to double confirmed.

here we are, The Manhattan Hotel
few minutes walk to the BTS (Asok Station)

Our room is at the 10th floor, the staff told us to take the lift to go to the 9th floor and then take the stairs. Aiseh, why no lift till 10th floor? When we reached 9th floor, we saw this..

are you kidding? penthouse?

Well, apparently their penthouse is not what i had in mind. hehe.. there are only 6 rooms on 10th floor and it's quite dark there. The lights are all very dim.

the king sized bed.
now i know why all their lights are very dim,
so that we can't see the dirty stain mar. hehe...

the other side of the room

luckily the bath room is considered
quite clean...

The RM 150 per night includes breakfast. Breakfast quite ok, not too bad. You really can't find RM 100++ per night at Sukhumvit. All other hotels need at least RM 200+ per night. This is the cheapest. The location of this hotel is very good, but I felt that the hotel is not as clean as before (my previous stay quite ok). hmm, if i were to visit Bangkok again, I probably won't choose to stay here anymore.

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