Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mamak ~ The past and present

When I was still studying in college, whenever me or my friends were short of money or we don't want to spend so much money on food, we will go mamak. Why? The food is nice and the most important thing is cheap. Roti canai, 50/60 cents per piece, teh tarik, 70 cents, nasi lemak biasa, RM 1.50 (RM 3 can get a nasi lemak with chicken some more!!), maggie mee goreng, RM 2... Ya, that was last time lar...

Now ar, mamak getting more and more expensive la.. RM 10 is no longer enough for 2 person. Teh tarik, RM 1 consider cheap, some mamak charged RM 1.20, maggie mee goreng, RM 3.50, if you order nasi goreng with chicken, it can go up to RM 6 per plate!

Last time mamak almost all are at the road side, beside the longkang, but now, they renovate their shop nicely, with remote control fan, downlights, plaster ceilings and etc. ~sigh.. no wonder lar... So you prefer road side mamak or plaster ceiling mamak? I prefer when it's cheap. hehe..

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