Friday, January 18, 2008

Travel = $$, agree?

I finally finished posting about my Bangkok trip. FL said I'm very 'cheong hei', a short trip (3 days 2 nights) like this i also can write for so many days, some more all long long posts. If i go 7 days trip, then die lar, can posts for one whole month. Hmm.. maybe.. haha, i want to share all the details with you guys mar. :p

Travel is really fun, u go to a different country, seeing different people, throw away all your worries behind and enjoy that few days at a different country. No wonder a lot of people willing to save money to just go for a trip.

Some of my friends, they save each and every penny (eat little, seldom shop), then they will used up all their money that they saved to go travel. Wow, imagine you save hard for a year or two, then you spend all within 5-7 days, I don't think i can ever do that. hehe.. can you?

But of cos, when they come back from their trip, they will start their saving all over again. As for me, IF i have that money, and IF i spent all for travel, when i'm back, i don't think i will be able to save up again. haha, that's the difference between me and them lar. I really salute them!! So wat about you? Are you like my friends, save hard and spent all for travel?

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