Thursday, January 3, 2008

What makes me block you from my msn..

My msn list mostly are my friends, colleagues and ex colleagues and a few online friends. You must be wondering, since most of them are someone I know, why needs to block them? Hmm.. let me tell you why.

It happened a week ago, I was at work, a window pop up, someone requested me to add him. I looked at the email add, hmm, this guy's name looked familiar, like one of my ex colleague from one of my ex company. It had been a few years since I last talk or see him. So i added him and yes, he is my ex colleague from that ex company. We did chat a while, he asked me what i worked as, i asked back the same questions then there's really nothing much to chat. I'm not very close to him even when we were in the same company, seldom talked also.

The next day, the minute i login to msn, i received a mesg from him. After saying Hi, i told him it will be a busy day and I won't be free to chat and maybe chat some other day. He said ok, but about 15 minutes later, he mesg me again, and again and again and again! I ignored his mesg and continued my work but seriously it's really quite annoying. I already told you i'm busy but you still mesg me? It's not like you have something important to tell me also...

Then there's this day, where I am super busy and super pek chek.. and this guy... again, kept mesg me.. so end up i block him lar, cannot tahan!! If ppl tell you they are busy, means they are really busy mar.. if busy why on msn? on msn doesn't mean it's for chatting, a lot of company used it to communicate around with colleagues one..

After blocking him for a few days, one day i received an email from him asking me.. 'Did you block me from your msn?' *faint* I wonder what kind of answer he expect me to reply him. Yes i blocked you becos you are so damn annoying?


cbenc12 said...

hahhahahha yeah.. just tell him that u r so bz, so u have to switch off ur msn.. hope he gets wat u mean..
anywa, i blocked few frens before too..hehehe..

Jacquelyn said...

Appear offline next time? that's what i always do :)

Rachel Low said...

well sometimes, maybe he's really trying to be your friend.

Consider his sincerity.

Blocking people is quite a rude thing to do

with tolerance and consideration, many conflicts can be avoided