Thursday, January 24, 2008

The so called Feng Shui Tips

I've been hearing this so called feng shui tips from the radio almost everyday on my way to work. I forgot what's the name of the guy that gives these tips but I found it quite funny. Let me picked a few examples.. there's this day, he explained about what kind of disasters will happened in malaysia for this year. He predicted that there's a few disasters will happened in year 2008 such as flood, land slide and fire. (these happen every year right? the flood, fire and land slide, so common in malaysia lar..)

Then there's also this day he mentioned about how to invest so that we won't lose money. He advice ppl that if we want to invest, we should seek for professional help, listen to the professional advice and thus we will lower down the risks in losing money when we invest.

hahahahah, so funny lar. i guess i can start become a feng shui master and give you guys some prediction too.. hmm, i predict... in the year of 2008, Thaipusam will be a public holiday for those who worked in KL. wuahahahahahaha, very true right, my prediction!! :p

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