Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our last day in Bangkok - when Air Asia decided to cancel our flight!!!

Time flies especially when you are having a great time. Where are we going for our last day? We have about 4 hours before we have to go to the airport. Finally we decided to go to Pratunam, well, I know there's a famous night market there, day time got what? not sure.. well, just go there walk walk la...

Before we stepped out our hotel room, i received an sms, an sms that really caught my attention.
Urgent!! Flight FD 3573 from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur on 07 Jan 08 CANCELLED. For more info pls contact 662-515-9999 (Thai) 603-8660-4343 (Malaysia). Thank You
Huh? What is going on here? Flight cancelled? Is this some kind of joke? Immediately i took out my air asia flight itinerary to check on the flight no. OMG! Flight no matched leh... Does this means we have to extend our stay here? (actually i don't mind extending also lar. wuahahaha.. but only left a few hundred bath..stay another day also no use leh...)

We called the air asia to find out what's going on. Tried a few times calling both Malaysia and Thailand but failed to get through. Finally we decided to go find a public phone to call them. Luckily Bangkok's public phone are nothing like Malaysia. Their public phones all can use one. hehe.. we called the Thailand Air asia and asked what happened. The customer service told us a few flights cancelled due to some technical issues and we have the option to choose the flight on the same day or the next day. ~phew...we decided to take the 6pm flight (our original flight is at 5pm).

After we settled our flight, we headed to Pratunam. On our way to Pratunam, we stopped at the famous Thao Maha Brahma (4 faces Buddha). FL wanted to go 'bai bai' haha..

Thao Maha Brahma

heard it's real gold!! wow!!
a lot of ppl pray here to ask for 4 digits. haha...

FL bought these to 'bai bai'..
candles, flowers and joss stick, 20 Bath (RM 2)
while he's busy praying, i busy taking pictures.

a lot of ppl, tourists, locals...
see the flowers around the buddha?

some throw coins in the water,
some ppl use this water to wash their face,
hands, feet, some drink this water some more!!
got money inside one wor.. can drink ar?

you can also pay these dancers to dance
for the Buddha. Not too expensive also,
depends on how many person you choose,
from 2 persons to 6 persons,
price between 100 - 300 bath.

After the prays, we crossed the road to get to Pratunam. Walk walk walk, saw a few shopping centres, nothing much. Probably next time should come at night lar.. On our way back, we bought some fish hot dog and pork hot dog. Delicious.. We went back to our hotel, packed our stuff, checked out, took a cab (300 Bath++ including tolls) to the airport.

It's time to go home...

Bye bye Bangkok.


SiaL said...

Hello Joyce, It sounds like you had a nice trip to Thailand. I am so very envious. Your trip reminds me of one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, Kalagas,(Burmese tapestries). Apparently they are widely sold in Thailand. Then again everything there is so beautifully crafted. I wish I could soak it all in through your pictures. As for your flight delay, at least you're back home safe and sound with your family :)

jam said...

Pratunam is the biggest cloth wholesale market in Bangkok. Othen than that, nothing special.

Joyce said...

ya ya, i really enjoy my shopping trip to Bangkok. If i have more money left, i probably will extend my stay there!! :p

biggest cloth wholesale market? but i dun see any shops selling clothes? maybe i went to the wrong place? or it is inside some shopping centers?

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