Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ready to welcome the god of wealth? (choy san yeh..)

Heard this from the radio this morning when i was on my way to work. The direction that got wealth for the year of rat is EAST. Yes, east. So go buy a compass, start find out which direction is east in your house. haha..

The sifu also said, we must also come down from the east of our bed. So if east is at the end of the bed, you should get down there instead of the side of the bed. wuahahahhaaha. so if your bed is beside the wall, and the wall direction is east, then you korek one lubang at the wall there la. hahahhaha, so funny lar.. move ur bed to the middle lar.. :p


CS said...

emm..... so i think i need to dig hole liao.... haha...

else i will long piak..

Joyce said...

hahahahaha...i not yet buy compass leh..dono which side is east tim.. hopefully i no need to long piak la.. :p