Sunday, May 4, 2008

Treat your car engine a little something b4 it make noise!!

This is actually the second time I apply this Nulon - Performance Engine Treatment to my car engine. The first time was during the Chinese New Year. Normally before the CNY, I will get my car serviced and checked, to make sure everything is alright. When I'm back to my hometown, my brother asked me did I just service my car as he wanted me to try something. According to him, pour this engine treatment oil every time after we changed the engine oil, is very good especially for old cars. (ok, my car 5 yrs old d, so consider old also lar..) Old cars, especially auto, if you pressed the break, you will feel your car shaking/trembling. So this will helped to reduce that and at the same time the car will be more powerful. Serious? I don't know, let's see.

I wasn't really into this until i drove back few days later. I feel my car really more powerful, how i know that? well, when i overtake cars i know lar. hehe.. and when i pressed the break, there's no shaking/trembling. Wow, that's really cool. And guess what, it helped me to save petrol too. No kidding, not a lot, i can drive more 40km like that. Cool right? That is when I called back my brother to ask him where to get this engine oil and how much..

Nulon Engine Treatment Oil
from Cosway, member price
RM 26

Well, i'm not a cosway member, luckily my aunt know someone who is a cosway member. So we used that membership to get this member price. Not sure how much is a non member price..I just changed the engine oil yesterday so it's time for me to pour another bottle into the engine oil.

shake well before used.

pour the whole bottle in.

terbalik the bottle, let it dripped.

After you finished pouring the whole bottle, start the engine and idle or drive for 15 minutes. According to the box, this will help reduces friction & wear, reduces start up damage, reduces valve lifter noise, reduces maintenance cost, quieter, smoother engine and many many more. I don't care about all this, what i really feel is that my car got more powerful, saves petrol a little bit and no more shaking and trembling. That is why I go buy lor. So if you feel your car not very powerful already, maybe try this lar. It's not too expensive also mar, RM20+ can used up to several months, after u changed ur engine oil.

p/s: FYI, this is NOT a paid post and I am NOT a Cosway member. :p


keeyit said...

I thought when I go for car services, they will help me to do that?

Joyce said...

Erm, no, when you go service car, they will only help you to change your engine oil.

As for this, this is something to add in into the engine oil for better performance.

Forever28 said...

I afraid that would have any side effect... you know lar... I still hope I can use my car for another 20 years... :p

Anonymous said...

why u r not cosway member???? if i want to buy who n where should i buy?? if good thg,,don't paiseh to share n sell to ppl..nw petrol very expensive and will increase again!! rm26 can go 40km extra means my car ard 20cts/km= rm8 per full tank, 1 month 6-7 full tank= SAVE RM280.00 PER MONTH!!!!!!!wahlau eh!!!!!

Joyce said...

why i'm not a cosway member? Erm, let other ppl earn some money lar. hehe.. lazy to join..

if you want to buy, you can ask around ur friends who is cosway member, else you can go straight away to the cosway shop, i think a lot of hypermarkets/shopping centers also got. but maybe you won't get a member price lor..