Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bou Bou Gou Seng (步步高升) Plant

A lot of ppl like to place this plant that looks a bit like bamboo in their house or around them especially when Chinese New Year is near. I'm not sure why but if i'm not mistaken, this plant is believed that it will bring good luck and by having this plant, you will 'bou bou gou seng' (步步高升)! What plant is that?

tah-dah!! nice ar? RM7.90 each from
Ace Hardware @ Ikano Power Center

I don't know what is the real name for ths plant. As for me, I don't really believe by just placing a plant, our luck will turn good. hehe. but then i like this plant lar. looks cute mar right? I have one in my house, a big big and tall tall one, and just bought another one to place in my office.. one for me, one for FL. So hopefully it will really help us to 'bou bou gou seng' (步步高升) la!! (hopefully it won't die in a smoky environment lar.. ~sigh.. be strong, my plant!!)

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Ciyou said...

I once but this plant, but ended up also die. Haha~~ i guess i'm a plant killer