Monday, May 12, 2008

You will be charged if you lost your Genting World Card for more than 1 time!

Both FL and me applied this Genting World Card many many years ago. Anyway, I lost my card so everytime when we go to Genting, we will used FL's card. During our visit to Genting last year, FL went to change his card (already expired) but he forgot to bring the old card. The staff said he will be charged if he did not bring back his old card. Therefore he didn't get to change.

Last weekend, while bringing our relatives to Genting, I went to reapply my card. They found out that i actually applied before and they reissue the card for me. According to them, we will get charged for a small fee if we lost our card for more than one time. Did I kena the charges? Luckily NOT, as this is the first time i reissue my card. In other words, if i lost again, they will charged me lor..

So don't keep losing your Genting World Card ya, else they will charged you when you reissue for the 2nd time!

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