Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BECAREFUL when you feed your car!!

FL told me about this, he heard it from the radio this morning on his way to work. The MyFM DJ almost got robbed this morning. What happened? He start work at 6am so i guess he went out quite early in the morning.

He stopped at a petrol station near Phoenix Plaza to feed his car. While he's feeding his car, he heard some loud noise. He turned and he saw 20++ motorcycles coming towards his direction. He was so afraid and ran to the cashier there. Luckily the cashier is very kind to let him in and locked the door. These motorcycle gang reached the petrol station in just a few seconds. They go through his car to see if there's anything valuable and went off.

This is so scary, that is why we have to be extra careful when we feed our car. Try not to go petrol station late at night or early in the morning. Oh ya, highways too. My brother told me try not to pump petrol at highway as a lot of robbery happened there, during day time!!!

So we got to be really careful!! The world had changed.. pump petrol also have to beware ~sigh


Zooropa said...

Yes,this country is becoming more and more 'ugly' + back to 'uncivilized'! No hope but just scary living in!!!


Anonymous said...

this motorcyclist gangs by the name of "mat rempit", u knw who is the head of the group..some1 son in law, MP from 1 small town at n.sembilan..near PD..so what the happen to the police force? they only bully chinese ppl like mahkota cheras!!!! pls ..pls tell u frens, any1 surround u don't vote them for the next GE.

Anonymous said...

not only robbed....if ur a girl...u'll get...u know what that starts with 'R' also.