Friday, May 23, 2008

Bookfest.. I'm coming I'm coming!!

I'm so excited today. Why? Cos the bookfest that i'm looking forward to starts tomorrow!! hooray!!! I go every year but this year, i'm extremely excited about it. I also don't know why. hehe..

If you have kids, you really should bring ur kids to this bookfest as there will be a lot of books for them. If you like cooking, you should also go to this bookfest as there are tonnes of recipe books there!! if you likes book, then you should should should go!!! yes, trust me, really a lot!! In other words, you should go no matter what. hehe..

I hope tomorrow come faster.. :p


Forever28 said...

No books plan to buy... My housemates are going to BookFest today but I am not following...

Joyce said...

hmm, you should go mar, even though u don't plan to buy any books, it's still worth visiting!!