Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Have you ever tried to talk to someone like this?

I was out with some friends the other day and one of them brought his gf. He intro his gf to us and just left his gf sit there while he go talk to others. Although i'm not a very friendly person (ya ya, i admit.. hehe..) but i see her sitting there alone like very kesian like that, so i went over to her place, sat beside her and tried to create a conversation.

So here's our conversation.. err, actually i don't feel it's a conversation, it's just me .. talking to myself... hehe..
J: Hey..
G: (she just smile)
J: so bad hor him, left u alone here..
G: (still smiling..)
J: so you're local?
G: ya..
J: so how you two met each other?
G: work.
J: oh, didn't know you guys work together..
G: (smile..)
J: so what do you like to do when you're free?
G: watch movies..
J: (I thought i finally found something that she's interested to talk about..BUT...) i like movies too, what kind of movies you like to watch?
G: chinese..
J: oh.. what about tvb series? do you like to watch that?
G: ok lor..
J: (I think i being really nice already..sit there do all the talking by myself.. now it's my turn to smile..) I go see what they talking about.. you wanna join me?
G: (smile again?? is that a yes or no?)
J: (i smile back..and left..)
Well well, I found it really hard to create conversation with this kind of ppl. I asked one question, she answer one word?? Oh god, maybe she prefer to sit alone there lar.. maybe she doesn't like me kacau-ing her..


Hester said...

it's so funny...wahahahaha

guest said...

joyce, you were like that also when i first met you :P ... don't say people la :P

so few words, more smiles, smile. just that "boring" and "fierce" look.

Joyce said...

hi guest, if you do know me, you should at least let me know who you are mar..right?

well, boring and fierce look? maybe becos you made me feel boring? :p haha..