Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear colleague, WAKE UP!!!!

What will you do when you approach a colleague of yours to ask him/her some questions but found out he/she is sleeping? Will you wake him/her up? Will you walk away? Will you go tell everyone that he/she is sleeping? haha..

I've faced this kind of situation a few times, in fact, it happened today! I caught him sleeping three times!! Wonder what he's doing last night.. Anyway, normally, if i'm close to the colleague, I will wake him up. Well, it's better for me to wake him up than the boss wake him up right? If the colleague not too close but I had some urgent things to talk to him, I will pretend that I didn't notice he's sleeping and talk to him as if nothing happened.

What about you? What will you do? Shout at him? WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! :)

1 comment:

cbenc12 said...

ooh, my excollegue that sits in front of me always 'fish'..
me? i just watch him fish..hahahaha..