Thursday, May 15, 2008

Please donate to the victims of the earth quake in SzeChuan, China

I was not feeling very well today. The whole day feeling sick, feels like having fever, sore throat and etc. My sickness got worst after I read today's late newspaper (晚报). Seeing all the photos of the victims of the earth quake happened in SzeChuan, China. It is really very very sad. Until now, there are 10++ thousand ppl dead and 30+ thousand ppl are still missing.

You can see the building, the highways, the roads are all destroyed by the earth quake. There's this photo of a 3 yrs old boy, they found him but not able to save him. He died 3 minutes later after being saved. Then there's another photo of a guy handling a bottle of water to this little girl. The bricks from the fallen walls are all over the girl's leg and she's waiting for ppl to get her out. Parents crying over their dead child, children crying over their missing parents. It's just so sad reading all these news.

The only thing that we can do now is to donate a little bit to them. You just need to donate whatever that you can afford. I donate a bit, you donate a bit, together we hope we can help them get through this disaster. I pray hard, hope they can quickly find all the victims, hope there are no more dead people.


Ciyou said...

you can donate thru World Vision MAlaysia or Sin Chew Newspaper.

Its good to do charity sometimes although they are not tax deductable

Joyce said...

I sent my cheque to china press. I believe all major newspaper are collecting donations for China.

Ciyou said...

here is a link to do donations: