Thursday, May 15, 2008

Strike lottery BUT lost the ticket!!!

A phone conversation with my aunt, damn funny..
A: Hey..
J: Ya..
A: Do you know my car number plate was on toto last month for third prize?
J: err, no wor, i also nv read the toto part one..
A: my friend just told me one, you know I strike leh..
J: really? that's great! how much?
A: I also dono..
J: har?
A: I think i got buy..last month..
J: HAR!!!!
A: now i'm trying to find the lottery ticket. Did you see it?
J: har???? no wor, didn't see it. You mean you did buy last month but you lost the ticket?
A: ya, i bought but i nv check i got strike or not..and i'm not sure i buy on that day or on other day..aiseh.. now i'm trying to find back the ticket..
J: ......
that's my cute aunt..

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