Thursday, May 29, 2008

No time to open up letters!!

I wrote a cheque to China Press to donate to the earth quake victims in SzeChuan few weeks ago. When I checked my bank account this morning, I was surprised that the money still in my bank account. What happened? Did they lost my cheque? Did my cheque reached them?

When I was about to find ways to contact China Press, my colleague came to me and asked me whether I'm free tonight after work. I told her I got plans tonight and asked her why. She said she need some voluntary worker to Sin Chew Jit Poh to open up letters. Huh? letters? Ya, too many donations received and they got no time and not enough ppl to open up all the letters and bank in the cheques. Oo, what a great news. A lot of letters means a lot of donations, a lot of donations means we, the Malaysian are kind and willing to offer help to ppl in need!

After talking to her, I know my cheque had probably reached them but they don't have time to bank in yet. So if you too, worry about your cheque, don't worry, give them some time and they will definitely bank in the cheque. Oh ya, make sure you got enough money in your bank by then ya.. :)


Forever28 said...

I used to write cheque for donation as well, it takes time to process.

Btw, I haven't donate the China earthquake yet >.<"

No time too...

cbenc12 said...

wah that good news..!!! i hope the $$$ really reach china and no party trying to swallow it..
i donated online using paypal..

Joyce said...

This is the first time i sent in cheque, i also don't know why I decided to send in cheque instead of donate through maybank2u. :)

What a great news right!! I know we can use maybank2u to make donation but didn't know can use paypal too.

Dragon said...

i go there and donate personally. since penang is just a small state. hehehe.