Wednesday, May 7, 2008

When you direct translate from chinese to english..

Got this from a forwarded email. damn funny lar..

ladies or gents? if i see this i also
not sure i can go in or not..

leave off after pissing?

if i'm stolen, how am i going to call
the police? hehe...

Wuahahaha, funny right? That is why we have to remember we cannot direct translate from chinese to english, or english to chinese or chinese to malay and etc. Else.. no eye see ler!!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha...china ppl are really funny...need more english teachers, so if u can't cari makan here juz go there be english teacher>>>sure FATT TATT!!!but pls go faster...5-10 yrs later>>china ppl no hill u!!

Anonymous said...

fyi..signboard in china like beijing can not be trusted eg: when u see a signboard says subway 500m >...normally u wl thk 500m left can reach the subway gate/entrance...guess wat???? wahlauuu...500m on the left later wl another signboard ~~~~~~~hahahahaaaa

Joyce said...

luckily.. i know how to read in chinese.. else if china.. also dono how.. hehe..