Saturday, May 3, 2008

Do you want to buy sanitary pad?

This morning, one of my ex colleague msn me and sent me an url. He told me his wife is selling this, asked me want to buy or not. I clicked in and found out the thing he wanted to sell to me is actually sanitary pad. And there we go, both of us discussing about the sanitary pads..

OMG, i couldn't believe I'm actually discussing this with a guy! When he told me, it's very good, I asked him, how do you know it's good when you nv used before. He said it can absorb very well (he tested with water), it's soft and etc. Haha, damn funny la, to me, this kind of things you have to try it only you will know. It's just like a guy selling bras, telling you this bra very nice to wear and blah blah blah, will you buy from him? Will you, will you?

He's such a funny guy lar.. So did I buy from him? Of cos NOT lar!! I think he also know i won't buy from him lar. wuahahahahahahah....


Anonymous said...

if i m not mistaken that product name by LOVE MOON~~ someone approached b4!! of coz~~will tell hw good it is lah... anyway..u should buy 1 small packet from him (may b coz rm20??) for his courage and guts!!right?

Joyce said...

ya ya, love moon, that's right. I think I tried before lar, didn't feel that great also..that is why i nv buy from him lor..