Friday, May 9, 2008

Ya, we're weirdo..

This is not the first time ppl asked me this question. How come you all developers, prefer typing than talking? Well, let me explained why they ask this kind of question. You see, we developers, sit together, side by side, even though we sit close to each other, instead of talking to each other, we used msn. wuahahahahahaha.. yes.. that's wat we do!

So when i was in one of my ex company, an ex colleague asked me about this. Ya, he's not a developer, he's a designer. He saw us chatting with each other although we sit close to each other and he felt we, the developers are very weird.

Well well, how come we prefer type than talk? First, if you keep talking non stop, ppl will think you very free, later boss give you more job how? right? if you type, you can continue your work, only when you free, then you go see the message. don't you feel it's better that way? So this is what i call multitasking, fully utilize our time!! Don't you think so? hehe..


Anonymous said... this is what you're up to. I'm watching you.

Joyce said...