Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm going to VOMIT blood!!

Have you ever feel like vomiting blood during work? Arggg, this whole week i'm having this vomit blood feeling. What happened? Well, let me tell you what heppened. My comp developed a simple system for a client, the purpose of the system is to make sure they are not going to over use their budget. First you planned your budget properly, how much you gonna allocate to each and every department. Then you entered it to the system, and when user request something, the system will cross check with the budget. By doing this, they will never have over budget problem.

Recently they messed up the system and keep bugging us to solve their problem. When we looked at the way they set up the budget, we almost faint! They did not plan the budget in the first place, they just create the budget. Create create and create and user request request and request. When the user said budget not enough, the accounts ppl go create some more budget. After sometime, they go calculate the budget and found out budget over used. So what they do? They go cancel off the budget. The problem now is the budget tied to all the requests and now they want us to go save their ASS!!!!!

arggg.. the system is to assist you, the system does not know how much budget you gonna give to a department if you didn't enter it properly. Now you blame all to the system? To them it's stupid system with clever user. To me, it's just the other way round!!


Anonymous said...

Well the first place in a budgeting system, there must be a max rule defined, and this rule should not be exceeded in any case no matter what. else what's the point of a budgeting system if u can keep creating budgets.

for a specific week/month/year, these are the budgets allocated to this person/organization/department/branch/country etc.

you will then "allocate" budget instead of "create" budget based on the MAX amount allocated.

just my 2 cents for the above since i've developed accounts & budgeting system before.

Joyce said...

well, if they know what's the max amount they can allocate to a dept, this thing won't happened.

what should i say? different company has different policy!! maybe they prefer to fix the problem after they found out they've over budget!! who knows? maybe they like challenges!!