Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The digits in ur bank account!

Every month end, you will see a few digits in your bank account, that is your salary. After it floats for a few days, it's time for you to do some deduction. Transfer here, transfer there, to the car loan, to the housing loan, to debts, to here and there, and what's left, it's yours. You only need to go to the ATM once to withdraw it and you will see the big ZERO left in your bank account.

So what now? wait till next month salary lor..


Anonymous said...

U knw Micheal Jackson 1 sexy slow song???"YOU ARE NOT ALONE" Ya...this song is dedicated to u~~~~ but express my love 2u ah!! Over 80-90% of malaysian facing the same problem,
zero balance after few days of salary deposit~~ so u need to do somethg ie: reduce ur living expenses or change job looking for higher salary....

Joyce said...

yala, i totally agree with the 'you are not alone' thing. hehe, that is why a lot of ppl got more than one job nowadays!!