Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Biggest Bookfest in Southeast Asia (海外华文书市) 24/5-1/6/2008

Remember I post about the biggest bookfest in Southeast asia last year, about the books I bought on that bookfest? It's back!! HooRAY!!!!!

I was just telling FL that I've finished all the books I bought last year, in fact some of the books I've already read twice!! I've run out of books to read!! and then I got the news that the bookfest is coming soon. OMG, can you imagine how thrilled I am when I heard this news?

As usual, it will be at the KL Conventon Centre, 24th May to 1st June 2008, from 10am - 10pm. With the admission RM 2 per ticket (FREE admission for students 18 years & below and senior citizen 60 years & above), we will be able to see all the latest books published in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and United Kingdom. I can't wait to go.. can't wait.. can't wait....

Check out the Bookfest website for more information.

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