Monday, May 5, 2008

No No No! I don't want the card!!

Time flies, it's Monday again. Monday is the day where I will be 99% not enough sleep, super busy, traffic super jam and .. getting annoying phone calls! I got 3 calls from HSBC today telling me they want to offer me a Mastercard, which has a separate limit from my visa card.

Since last week, I had been receiving calls from HSBC telling me about this separate limit thing. I turned down their offer, told them I don't need another card. Few days later, I got the same call again from a different person, and again, i said No. Then the next day, got the call again and i said NO again. This morning, received the call from a gal, speaking Chinese. I straight away said NO to her when she mentioned this Mastercard. Then after lunch, I got another phone call from another gal, this time in English. Again, I told her I'm not interested. Then guess what, 15 minutes later, i received ANOTHER call from a guy this time, speaking chinese, asking me whether I want to take the Mastercard or not. I told him .. Do you know I've received about 6 calls from you guys since last week asking me about this Mastercard and every time I also said NO?? matter how many times you called, the answer is NO NO NO NO and NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Don't they get it? ^#*$&#&^$&#$*&#$&#$*#(&$


Zooropa said...

Yeah sometimes the credit card sales rep are very annoying!


Anonymous said...

may be u can tell them u have been blacklisted from bank..(even it's untrue and not nice to u) u simply tembak got 5 cards outstanding etc~~blah blah!! then ask for platinum card higher limit... so I m sure they will not call u again!! try n see!!

Joyce said...

I think they are able to check If you said u got outstanding and etc they even more happy, then they will start calling u asked u whether u want to do a balance transfer or not!!