Friday, May 16, 2008

Want to learn some 'IN' Cantonese?

Got these from a forwarded email and found it damn funny. It's really hard to believe that they are actually teaching their kids all these!!

this one pronounce as 'toi'
how to use?

if you understand chinese,
you definitely will laugh when you read this.

you know how to pronounce this?

wuahaha, learn how to use it!!

wah, this is new to me too..
o mouth??

so how to use this o mouth?
when you're shocked??

wah, apa ni? hehe..

inch mouth!!!

oo, this one i heard b4!!

see the english explanation? wuahahaha..
when you see a very 'IN' person,
you can use this word!!

laugh until you break your mouth!!

after seeing all these, i really laugh until i break my mouth lar.. what about you?


keeyit said...

This post is quite fun.. hehehe...

Dora said...

This is new fashion kind of phrases...