Sunday, May 25, 2008

See what I got for myself at the bookfest!!

Hey, sorry for the late updates. I was pretty busy.. busy with what? Well, wrapping my newly bought books. haha, ya, that's right. I was busy wrapping those books i bought from the bookfest. So how's the bookfest? It's amazing!!

You guys know I was pretty excited about the bookfest right? I wanted to go early on Saturday but somehow I only managed to go at about 4pm. Well, since it'll open till 10pm, i still got time!! I thought I can reached there before 5 but it was so jam!!

@ jln kuching.
dono what happened, so jam!!!
i saw ambulance.. maybe got accident..

finally we were there!!
we parked at the car park beside the KL convention centre.
luckily it's not too hard to find parking.
RM 6 per entry.

bookfest, i'm COMING!!

the ticket counter, RM 2 per person

the tickets and the bookfest catalogue

I was kind of surprised when I stepped into the hall. By right they should lead us to hall 1 first right? but somehow we were in hall 5. hall 5 are all Popular's Book Store's stuff, i'm not interested in Popular's books, why? you can get books from Popular all the time, so i'm not going to buy from Popular this time.

If you are looking for cheap books, you should look for china books, if you wish to get some good quality books, taiwan books are you choice. I decided to go straight to hall 1 where i can get china books. Therefore, I went from hall 5 to hall 1. I can see that the bookfest is getting smaller, the first year, very big, second year, a bit smaller, this year is the smallest!!

But then again, small is not a problem. I manged to find a lot of books, a lot of books with amazing price!! Want to see how many books I bought? okie, let me show you..

how much are all these?
about RM 400
damn worth it!!

guess how much are these books?
RM10 per book? No no, wanna guess again?
it's RM 4.90 per book!! cheap right?
OMG, it's so cheap!!

see these tiny little words?
i love books with small words and not much spacing..

RM 12.90 each

RM 170++
total how many books?

15 books!
These are from china, that is why it's cheap.
You know how much this set is selling at the taiwan books
section? RM 400++!!
I only saw 2 sets at the china book section.

These are from taiwan..
RM 90+ for 4 books.

travel guide to Hong Kong & Bali,
RM 14.90 each.

RM 20++

So now you know why i'm so busy yesterday until no time to blog. So many books to wrap mar.. hehe.. I'm so happy that I went to the bookfest and get lot's of interesting books! I really bought a lot if compared to last year. What about you? Did you go to the bookfest? what have you bought? Tell me, i wanna know!


lynnz said...

wow. that's alot of books. i went to mph warehouse sales and couldnt get that much of books even with that amount of money! *jealous* but, mine is all english mayb that's why it's more expensive. -__-

Falcon said...

need to pay RM 2...crazy

Joyce said...

RM 2 .. ok what.. 10am to 10pm wor.. :)

ya, books from china are really very cheap. of cos, quality not that good la..

ZuiYanHong said...

You bought so many books.....
I never read book but swallow books.....
What about you ?

Joyce said...

haha, i don't swallow but i read books! :p

keeyit said...

wah you really bought a lot.. those books from China really small characters le.. I din buy that..

Joyce said...

haha, i just love books with tiny little words and not much spacing. :)

Ciyou said...

Too bad I didn't like to read those novel or those books you brought, but I manage to find lots of my crafts books that I found it cheaper compare to normal bookstore. Here is my post:

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

I wish i could be there also.
So many nice and cheap books ><