Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Body Shop Annual Sales (16/5 - 8/6/2008)

The Body Shop annual sales is back. I bought my whole year supplier during their last year's annual sales. This is the time to stock up again!!

I do not want to miss the chance to get their 70% discount products so I went on the very first day during lunch hour. There's an additional 10% discount for members for the first 3 days. It only took me 10 minutes to get my whole year supplier. hehe... so here's what I bought..

not a lot of stuff also mar, right? hehe..
altogether, RM 265.45

Avocado Body Butter, RM 16.17

This is the 70% discount product!! Original price RM 59.90, after 70% discount + an additional 10% for members, it's only RM 16.17!! I wanted to buy 2 but the sales person there said each person only can buy 1. Damn worth it right?

Shea Body Butter, RM 37.74
Original price RM 59.90,
30% discount + another 10% discount

Satsuma Body Butter, RM 37.74
Original price RM 59.90,
30% discount + another 10% discount.
this one smells really nice, it's like
you are applying oranges to your skin.

Papaya Body Butter, RM 37.74
Original price RM 59.90,
30% discount + another 10% discount.

The sales girl kept introduce me to make ups lar, perfumes lar, but I keep standing in front of the body butter. wuahahahahaha, i guess she must be surprised see me buying that much!! actually i only need 2 body butter for the whole year, the other two I bought for FL's mum and my aunt.

Moisture White Toning Essence, RM 63.99
Original price RM 79,
10% discount + another 10% discount.

This is very good especially for those who had oily skin. I tried a lot of other brand's toner but I still feel this is the best. When i apply other toner, my skin will become very oily and I had to go wash my face again. But this does not happened when I apply this Body Shop toner. That is why I stick with this after so many years.

Vitamin C Plus Time Release Capsules, RM 72.09
Original price RM 89,
10% discount + another 10% discount.
This is really good, after applying this,
your skin will glow, will feel smoother and fresher!!

Do you use Body Shop's product? If yes, this is the best time to go stock up! They are only having sales once a year, so don't miss the chance ya!!


Sukkimi said...


Wow you stock up so many body butter. I only got 1 Body Butter (Satsuma) yesterday which is the last day of member additional 10%
Didn't know TBS started their sales since 16 May :(

I saw the Avocado 70%, but i think i didn't smell anything , so i didn't grab it.

Wanna know how long does a tube of body butter last for you ? Its my first time using their body butter. I m thinking to stock them up like you! Wanna get Papaya/Cocoa Butter

Joyce said...

Hi sukkimi, i need about 2 to 3 body butter for the whole year. Normally i will put one in my office, and the other 2 at home.

It really depends on how u used it, i don't consider myself as a heavy user. hehe. but i think this is really a good time to stock up, you won't get 30% discount anymore, not until next year!!

the mango body butter smells nice too, wonder how come that only got 10% discount..

Sukkimi said...

I tried the Vit C capsule b4, but too rich for me. I pass it to my mum.
The Body Butter smell nice, i hope they come in tube next time.
Yupe not all 30%. Some / most of the stuff you want only discount little.

Ciyou said...

IT was such a crowd at Body shop KLCC on last friday. All I love on body shop is their perfume, but not long lasting enough. So didn't buy anything this time

Joyce said...

ya i do agree with you. some of their perfumes are really nice, but it's really not long lasting.. u spray at home, the minute u get into the car, it's gone. wuahahahaha...

Shern's mom said...

Hi there,
I got here via socialspark. You've got yourself lots of stuffs there. I only bought a nail file (50%off ones).