Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lebih sikit boss!

Normally when you go eat mixed rice, or if you go mamak, when they passed you the plate of rice, what would you say? For gals, normally you will say, less rice pls right?

I was at the mamak the other day, normally I will hear ppl say kurang nasi, even it's a guy as they always give such a big plate of rice. But that day, instead of hearing kurang nasi, I heard lebih sikit, lebih sikit!! I got curious, the guy in front of me doesn't look like a big eater. When i looked at his plate of rice, I know why he asked for more.

I guess due to the shortage of rice, they all now giving less rice to customers. I mean, really less. They give less than half if you compared to last time. This not only happened to mamak, i seen this at those chinese restaurants, those mixed rice stalls, even the nasi lemak stall that I always go tabao in the morning.

Did you notice that? I guess it's a good thing, at least now we won't waste the food. If you think it's not enough, ask for more lar!!


Anonymous said...

when i go mamak i never say "lebih sikit". i always say "banyak lagi"!!

Joyce said...

haha, sure or not? last time they give a lot of rice one ler. A big plate of rice until u got no place to add the vege/meat.

i guess now u got to tell them banyak banyak banyak lagi boss!! hehe.. since now they give much lesser..