Sunday, May 11, 2008

Genting one day trip

We brought our relatives to Genting today, for a one day trip. Genting is quite a nice place (to spend money, hehe..) for kids, they will be spending their money at theme park and for adults, you know where lar.. hehe...

We reached there about 12pm. It's really nice to be up there, the weather is really nice, it's like heaven. True mar, the weather so hot nowadays..

on our way up to Genting...
nice view!!

My last visit to Genting was last year October. There's really not much change here (except genting hotel's lobby, i think they got do some renovation). As for our relatives, they really enjoy themselves as they haven't been to Genting for at least 5 years!! To them Genting had changed a lot!!

Genting Hotel's lobby.
nice!! i don't remember seeing this
last year, so i guess they just did their
renovation recently!

As soon as we were there, we split into 2 groups, mum and kids, theme park, others, casino. hehe..

theme park
took this pic when we were
on our way to First world Hotel

u guys tried this b4?
scary lar..

We were in the casino quite long, went to both the new (First World) and old casino. So did I win? Well, I shall say, erm, I didn't manage to get anything from uncle lim's son and he's not able to get anything from me too. hehe.. Spend a few hours in the casino and end up like that, consider good also lar right?

First World Hotel
nice decoration on these ATM machines.
it's like ATM machines in the forest!!

First World Hotel

We headed home at about 8pm+. Consider quite an enjoyable one day trip. Kids enjoy themselves, adults enjoy themselves too! What a day!!


keeyit said...

I have been quite some time din go to genting.. I think the last time was 2 years back..

bokjae said...

Hey you seem to be excited about Gentintg! i used to go there often! Last visit was in 2000! Just drop by to say hi and keep in touch!